Mater Dei Traditional Latin Mass Community

“Mass Distinctions”


“Read” or “Low” or “Quiet” Mass

Two Lighted Candles on the Altar.

One Priest, who does not sing.

No prayers of the Mass are sung or chanted.

Incense is not used.

A hymn may be sung before the Priest enters the Sanctuary &/or after he exits the Sanctuary, or there may be no singing.


“Sung” or “High” Mass

Six Lighted Candles on the Altar.

One Priest, who chants or sings various parts of the Mass.

Priest intones the Gloria and Creed, chants Gospel, Preface, Our Father.

The Proper Prayers: Introit, Collect(s), Offertory & Post Communion are chanted by schola or choir.

Choir sings Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus Dei.

Incense is used throughout the Mass.

Direction on singing hymns applies the same as a Missa Recitata.


“Solemn High” Mass – Sung Mass with full Ceremonial

Six Lighted Candles on the Altar

One Priest assisted by Deacon & Subdeacon

Instructions for the congregation are the same as for High Mass with one Priest.