Sacraments / Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead)

1.  Adult or Infant Baptism (Traditional Rite)

Please contact the Parish Office.

2.   Eucharist (Holy Communion)

The individual soul must be properly disposed to receive Holy Communion, that is, in the state of sanctifying grace (state of grace), that is, not persisting in a state of mortal (serious) sin as receiving Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin would constitute a sacrilege.  The normal way to be restored to a state of grace is through Confession to a Catholic Priest.  Questions? Clarifications?  Please contact the Parish Office.

3.   Confession

Available daily one hour (on the hour) prior to Mass and should conclude by 20 minutes to the hour. 

Preparing for Confession:  Examinations of Conscience

**FIRST CONFESSIONS are made during the preparation period for First Holy Communion, to be arranged through the Parish Priest and the family.

4.   Confirmation (Traditional Rite)

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5.   Matrimony (Traditional Rite)

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6.   Holy Orders (The Vocation of Priesthood)

Men discerning a possible call to the Ministry of Priesthood, please contact the Parish Office.

6.  The Last Rites / Anointing of the Sick / Extreme Unction (Traditional Rite)

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A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the Dead or Mass of the Dead, is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal.  It is frequently, but not necessarily celebrated within the context of a funeral.  Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

Looking to enter into full Communion with the Catholic Church?

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