Mater Dei Traditional Latin Mass Community

Sunday Sermons (m4a format)

Sermon for Passion Sunday:  Mortification

Sermon for Palm Sunday:  The Fickleness of Man

Sermon for Easter Sunday:  The Resurrection of the Lord

Sermon for ‘Quasi modo’ or Low Sunday:  The Paschal Harvest

Sermon for the Second Sunday after Easter:  The Good Shepherd

Sermon for the Third Sunday after Easter:  God’s Pilgrims

Sermon for the Fourth Sunday after Easter:  The Great Promise

Sermon for the Fifth Sunday after Easter:  Efficacious Prayer

Sermon for the Sunday after Ascension:  Waiting

Sermon for Pentecost Sunday:  The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Sermon for the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Sermon for the Second Sunday After Pentecost:  The Holy Eucharist

Sermon for the Third Sunday After Pentecost:  The Devil

Sermon for the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost:  Firm Confidence

Sermon for the Fifth Sunday After Pentecost:  Fraternal Charity

Sermon for the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost:  The Compassion of Jesus

Sermon for the Seventh Sunday After Pentecost:  The Fruits of Life

Sermon for the Eighth Sunday After Pentecost:  Our Riches

Sermon for the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ:  Patience & Fortitude

Sermon for the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost:  Charity & Humility

Sermon for the Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost:  Baptismal Graces

Sermon for the Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost:  The Good Samaritan

Sermon for the Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost:  The Ten Lepers

Sermon for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost:  The Two Kingdoms

Sermon for the Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost:  The Practice of Patience

Sermon for the Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost:  Mystery of Hope